Bargello Museum

Florence Italy City Guide

The Bargello Sculpture Museum (Museo Nazionale di Bargello) contains sculptures by artists that include Dontello and Michelangelo.

Located in the heart of Florence Italy (Firenze) in the Duomo district, the Bargello looks more like a fortress than an art gallery.

Bargello Sculpture Museum in Florence Italy (Museo Nazionale di Bargello)
Bargello Sculpture Museum

The following works of art are on display at the Bargello:

  1. "Bacchus" (Michelangelo) "Madonna and the Child" (Michelangelo)
  2. "Brutus" (Michelangelo)
  3. "Mercury" (Giambologna)

The bell tower that can be seen near the Bargello is the Benedictine Abbey (Badia Florentina).

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