Cathedral (Duomo)

Florence Italy City Guide

The Florence Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiori) or simply "Duomo" is Florence's tallest building and the city's most famous landmark.

This massive Gothic cathedral dominates the skyline of Florence Italy (Firenze) and is generally considered to be the centre of the city.

When completed in 1463, Brunelleschi's dome was the largest of its kind in the world.

The Duomo -  Famous Cathedral in Florence Italy
Duomo - Cathedral in Florence

Inside the Duomo, is a huge painting by Vasari and Zuccari called the "Last Judgment".

Visitors can climb the dome staircase and enjoy a bird's eye view of this Renaissance dome, the Giotto Tower and the Florentine skyline.

The Florence Cathedral marks the centre of Florence's Duomo District.  There are many other tourist attractions in the Duomo district.

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